Studio House

by Chris Opperman

Chris Opperman – piano, Fender Rhodes, keyboards (all tracks)

Timothy Hayward – alto saxophone (all tracks)

Eric Seiz – electric guitar (all tracks), game-winning home run

Jordan Shapiro – mandolin, electric mandolin (tracks 1-3)

Jeff Little – bass guitar (all tracks)

Elizabeth Cary – violin, cello (track 5)

Raymond Carega – drum set (tracks 1-2)

Max King – drum set (track 3)

Marco Minnemann – drum set (track 5)

Production Notes

Produced by Chris Opperman

Mixed & mastered by Neil Citron

Recorded at Studio House, Middle Island, New York

Lead Engineer: Neil Citron

Project Manager: Mike Haldeman

Assistant Engineers: Ray Belli, Sean Briety, Liz Brousell, Kevin Calaba, Jenny Founds, Mike Haldeman, Max King, Zach Miller, Emilia Richman, Scott “Thor” Sheffield, Will Salwen, and Gina Spigarelli.

Crocheted animals and photography by Inga Wohlgemuth

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Paul Green and everyone at Studio House, Neil Citron, all the musicians, Inga Wohlgemuth, Louis Lagonik, Carla Bley, Karen Mantler, Gail Zappa, Holland Greco, Kurt Morgan, ASCAP, my friends & family, and you for listening.

This album is dedicated to all the crafty ones.

© 2012 Purple Cow Records. “Benmont,” “The Heart of Gold,” and “Milliways” are published worldwide by Phantom Moo Music (ASCAP). “Útviklingssang” is published worldwide by Alrac Music (BMI). “Blessed Relief” is published worldwide by Munchkin Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication or sampling is a violation of applicable laws.

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